What is Creditswitch?

Creditswitch is a mobile airtime and data sales system that will allow you to transfer airtime and data of all the major telecommunication network operators from a single device.

What is the advantage of using Creditswitch as opposed to pin scratch cards?

It is more secure and you don’t need to worry about scratching of cards or exposing your pin to others.

Who can use Creditswitch?

Anyone can use Creditswitch. Creditswitch is very suitable for students, individuals on the go, office workers, heavy and small callers and data users alike.

Enterprising individuals, students, office workers and agents can also use Creditswitch to make money by providing recharges to families, friends and co-workers they come across on a regular basis.

Pretty much, anyone with an online access, smart phone or even a simple SMS enabled mobile phone can use Creditswitch.

I reside abroad, can I use Creditswitch?

Yes. Creditswitch is available to everyone who has a Nigerian number or is looking at providing top-up for friends and family with Nigerian numbers.

As an oversea resident, am I cheated out on the exchange rates?

No, the going exchange rate will be used for all international transactions.

Is my Debit or Credit card transaction safe?

Yes your debit or credit card information is safe on Creditswitch. We do not save your debit or credit card information. All transactions are encrypted and transferred via ssl protocol. If you are using a Nigeria issued Interswitch, Visa or Master card, your transactions will get transferred to our accredited payment platform.

I do not want to be an agent can I register as an individual account holder?

Yes, you can register as an individual.

Do I get a commission as an individual account holder?

Yes. As an individual account holder you get a 3% commission for every time you fund your Creditswitch wallet.

Is there a limit to the amount of airtime I can transfer as an individual?

The minimum amount of airtime you can transfer as an individual is N50 and the maximum is N100,000.00.

Can I transfer part of my fund to another account holder or user?

Yes. You can transfer funds from your wallet to another Creditswitch user directly instead of sending airtime using the P2P Transfer link.


How many operators are currently available?

Five (5) operators are available namely: MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel, Visafone.

How do I register?

Download the mobile app on your device (phones or tablets) from the Appstore (Google Play, Blackberry App World, Apple store); Register online or contact us by email.

Is the Application reliable

The application is extremely reliable and very user friendly.

What are the various ways I can make payment?

You can make payment via bank transfer, bank deposit, Credit/Debit card, ATM and online

Do I get charged a transaction fee for purchase?

1.5% transaction fee for using Quickteller, but NO fee on intra-bank transfers or bank deposits.

How quickly will my Creditswitch account be credited after I make a payment?


Is there a charge for downloading Creditswitch app on my device?

Download of the app to your device is free!!!

Is there a maximum amount of units I can buy at a single time?

There is no maximum amount of units that a registered user of Creditswitch can purchase.

Once I buy an amount of unit in my Creditswitch wallet how long does it take before it expires?

The units in your Creditswitch wallet does not expire.

How do I know if the credit has been transferred to the receiving number?

You will get an alert that notifies you of a successful transfer.

What is the minimum amount I can have in my Creditswitch wallet account?

There is no minimum amount of units that a registered user of Creditswitch can have in his/her account.

Can I perform an airtime top-up without having internet connection on my device?

No. For every transaction you make, you will need to have an active internet / mobile data bundle for now. We will add USSD platform soon.

Do I have to buy airtime differently for each network?

No. You don’t need to purchase airtime differently for each network.

I don’t have a Visa or Master card; can I pay with my Verve card too?

Yes. You can pay with your Verve card.

Besides debit/credit cards is there any other method of payment?

Paying into Creditswitch bank account via bank deposits or bank transfer.

What is the payment code that Quickteller is asking for on ATMs?

The Quickteller Creditswitch payment code is the unique code given to Creditswitch to enable its users carry out funding (payment) transactions using bank ATMs. The code is 04132101.

How do I use the Quickteller on the ATM to fund my Creditswitch Wallet?

Once you have entered your Credit/Debit Card PIN into the ATM machine.

  • Click on Quickteller
  • Click on the Pay Bills
  • Click on others
  • Read and follow steps


Who can become a Creditswitch Agent?

Anyone interested in making additional income, any student, any worker in corporate environment, existing airtime sellers, any individual looking to start a lucrative business, any corporate client that buys airtime for their staff, supermarkets, religious organizations or unions seeking to generate an extra income.

What percentage discount is available to agents?

Percentage discount available to agents is 5%.

As an agent will I have a dedicated platform for the units I purchase?

Once you register as an agent your Creditswitch wallet will serve as your account.

How soon can I start making money?

Immediately! You will earn money as soon as you sell your first top-up or refill.

What are the requirements for Agent setup; its cost and the commission attached?

To become an agent with Creditswitch you have to install the mobile app on your device and register as an Agent. All Agents are expected to make a minimum purchase of N30,000.00 (thirty thousand naira only) for every purchase and you are entitled to a commission of 5% every time you fund your Creditswitch account (i.e. make a purchase).

How soon can I make a purchase after registration and how soon do you credit my wallet after payment is confirmed?

You can make purchases immediately after you have successfully registered and are able to log in to your Creditswitch Agent account. Currently, Creditswitch has two (2) methods of payment.

  • Bank Payment
  • Online payment through the Creditswitch platform.
  • ATM transfer

Your wallet is funded immediately after payment is confirmed which is immediate for online payment and a few minutes after bank sends payment conformation to Creditswitch.

What are the requirements for bank payment method?

For the bank payment, your Creditswitch wallet will be credited with the purchased amount once confirmation of payment is made with bank and is matched with details sent to Creditswitch either by sending a scanned copy of bank teller to the email support@creditswitch.com or by sending a text with the payment information on the teller (Name of Agent, Amount paid and mobile number used in registering on Creditswitch).

Can an Agent transfer funds to another agent?

No. An agent can only transfer to an individual user.

What is the procedure for online payment?

Click on fund account, enter an amount and click on "Ok" button. The payment gateway loads, where you enter your debit/credit card details. Once your payment has been completed you will receive a message from Creditswitch confirming the successful funding of your account and your account is automatically credited.

How stable is your service?

About the stability of our service, we are proud to inform you that we have a reliable relationship with the networks and so every stage of the process from funding, to transfer or checking of transaction history is very stable and secure. Also our support people are always available to attend to any queries you may have at any given point.

Can I connect other retailers under me?

For now Creditswitch does not offer networking platforms that allow you have retailers under you. We offer our Agents personal service relationship that give a personalized experience as a member of the Creditswitch family. Everyone who is interested in been an Agent has to follow the same process of installing the mobile app and then registering to be an agent.


What are our commitments to Users Privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available on our homepage and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested. For the Creditswitch privacy policy please click here.

How You Can Access or Correct Your Information

You can access all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain by logging onto your account online. We use this procedure to better safeguard your information.

What are the Creditswitch Terms and Conditions?

By opening an account with Creditswitch, you agree to the underlying Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with all the Terms and Conditions please do not register for a Creditswitch account. Please click here for the full Terms and Conditions.

How to Contact Us.

Should you have other questions or concerns about Creditswitch services, please send us an email at support@creditswitch.com.