About Us

Creditswitch was built on an idea that enables users to share or sell airtime across any network across different countries.

Creditswitch Limited is an international mobile top-up company located out of Nigeria, created to simplify the sale and distribution of airtime globally. Recharging family and friends worldwide from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device.

Nneka works in a bank in Victoria Island, Nigeria and purchases refill scratch card from street vendors. Now with Creditswitch app, she can conveniently recharge her phone online or via mobile 24/7 and even retail some to her office colleagues for income.

Tayo’s mum lives in the village and always desired to start a HOME BUSINESS. Creditswitch offers a lucrative opportunity. Tayo with a little investment of £1000 was able to start a Recharge Business for his mum in the the village where scratch cards are hard to come-by .

ASUU is on strike again. Mercy an undergraduate always desired to do something productive with herself by starting a PASSIVE BUSINESS with her smartphone. Creditswitch now allows her to purchase credit at volume discount and she can sell/send recharge to her friends and families.

Tayo lives in UK. Instead of always sending western union for 100, he can now surprise loved ones and friends with a simple $10 recharge. Now, his love gifts can spread far and wide!!

Omo K (Kizzle) lives in the US and constantly sends money to his sister, Victoria. Creditswitch offers a lucrative opportunity. Kizzle with a little investment of $1000 was able to start a Recharge Business for Victoria.